College Kids create party game that gets you drunk and saves the earth

The game is called Trashball and everyone is playing it. I recently visited a live Trashball game and interviewed some of the players. Here’s some direct quotes…

“This is the best game ever! Get drunk and save the earth. That’s it! Where’s my beer?”

“Larry don’t be a dick!…Oh it’s my shot?”

“Who the hell invited this guy?”

“A man’s left arm is like a woman’s right arm. A woman’s left arm ain’t worth shit…It’s a Gallagher joke and it’s your shot.”

I didn’t stay long because I thought everyone there was a bunch of idiots. But the game was intriguing.

Here are the official rules:

trashball party game

At first glance I didn’t get the whole saving the earth aspect about the game. What does throwing a piece of trash ball at some trash cans have to do with the environment? Then it hit me. Some people are assholes and can’t even manage to throw trash away into a trash can. The game has a lot of trash talking and when you fail to get the trash into the trash can…you get shamed by the defense. “You can’t even get the trash into the can? What are you a trashhole?”

Then there is the drinking. Apparently you can’t play the game without it. Otherwise it’d just be like throwing a trashy ball into some trash cans. Alcohol magically changes everything.

After that’s all said…I can’t recommend this game to anyone…ever.