You Won’t Believe Who’s in Trump’s Top 8

Trump's Top 8
Trump’s Top 8 as of May 21, 2017

There has been another major development in Trump’s Top 8.  Kid Rock and Ronald Drump were completely removed and replaced by a wall and the Saudi King. Two HUGE moves in one day is unprecedented. But should we really be surprised? I mean look at Sherry Johnson’s latest Top 8. Where the heck is Chaz?! He was number two for…forever and now he’s no where to be found! I think that we should ask Sherry “What happened to Chaz? And Why did Craig replace him?”

Chaz not on Sherry's or Trump's Top 8
Chaz has seen better days since Sherry Johnson removed him from her top 8
Craig not on Trump's Top 8 but is on Sherry's
Craig looking smug after his meteoric rise on Sherry’s Top 8

Let’s get back to Trump and his moves. To the untrained eye, Trump’s changes to his Top 8 may be completely absurd but if you stop to think about it, its pretty obvious why he made the change. But I will admit… it’s still SHOCKING!

Here’s the breakdown for the Saudi King move:

  • Trump visits with the Saudi King
  • The King gives Trump a baller chain
  • Trump gives the King number 7 on his Top 8

Now let’s look at the Wall:

  • Trump has been talking about this wall for a long time
  • The Wall is symbolic for Trump building a wall around him…a wall to keep out Mexicans
  • Trump may have discovered Ronald wasn’t real
  • The betrayal by Ronald may have caused Trump to retaliate
  • So, the number 8 spot goes to the Wall in Trump’s Top 8

Pretty clear cut if you ask me. If any of your friends bring this up in conversation just remember these talking points…Trump Top 8, Saudi King and The Wall.

In conclusion, we really need to get to the bottom of this SherryChazCraig thing before the whole world goes spinning out of control. Sherry, we want answers!


Burt Reynholm